Recent visit to The Shlenker School

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting with Gail Rovinsky, Director of Admissions, and Casey Suter, Elementary Principal, at The Shlenker School in the Meyerland area. I was pleasantly surprised with the open, spread out feel of the school, the colorful classrooms and halls, and the “Backyard”. This area is behind the school and is a wooded preserve that houses local flora and fauna. The school uses this beautiful space for teachable moments spanning all disciplines, from science to religion. Although Shlenker is known as a Jewish day school in town, what many may not know is that the school has a big secular culture that is inclusive and welcoming of all faiths. All teachers are GT certified and I sensed an overwhelming sense of teacher retention and longevity. There are many unique qualities about Shlenker, including a first grade opera, all school musical, and something called genius hour where fifth graders are encouraged to pick a topic of study and use internet research to learn more about the topic. Rising graduates of Shlenker have good test scores and attend top notch private middle schools all over the city every year. I met a lovely third grade student who was comfortable, confident, and proud to show me her school. There are leadership opportunities for the students, and there is a big emphasis on kindness and citizenship. Shlenker has a great after school and summer program with numerous offerings for students. Come check out Shlenker, which serves children ages 15 months through 5th grade some wonderful opportunities!