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Impressions of Regis School of the Sacred Heart

My boys began life at a new school this year. My older son was ready for a change and my younger one went along for the ride out of family convenience. I have to say that I have been continually impressed with what goes on behind the wrought iron gates of Regis School of the Sacred Heart. I am greeted graciously by young men ages 3 through 14 every day. A couple of months ago, I joined a couple of other new moms in serving cupcakes to 240 boys after mass on a feast day. I anticipated mass chaos and then some leading up to and after the cupcake distribution. Boy was I proven wrong! I witnessed a sea of gentlemen escorting their “little brothers” to the table to first pick a cupcake out for the younger child before taking one for themselves. We received 240 verbal thank you’s that morning…Truly gentlemen. Since that day, I have seen my boys grow in self confidence, chivalry, and academic enrichment. My boys feel a warm sense of brotherhood from their peers. The teachers work hard and choose to teach at Regis because they love working with boys! Come check this school out- you will not be disappointed!

Dalal boys first dress uniform day at Regis
Dalal boys first dress uniform day at Regis

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