Reasons to Hire

Excel Educational Consulting, LLC.

Is a local educational consulting firm that specializes in private school placement and finding the right school for each child. With nearly 20 years in Houston area private and public school education, I know how difficult it is to find the right educational fit. I know Houston area private schools well and I am here to help!

1. This is your first experience with private school applications and you want to make sure you are going through the process correctly
2. Your child has been at the same school for years and it is time to consider school options in the near future
3. This is your first child and you want to make sure you are considering all school options available to your child, given his/her academic/extracurricular profile
4. You realize that each of your children is different and what is a suitable school option for one child may not be the case for the second child
5. You have applied to the same school(s) more than once and not had luck gaining admission
6. You have not been satisfied with your child’s school and have either “school-hopped” or considered switching schools a few times
In a competitive private school applicant season, you want to make sure that your child’s application is given the best consideration by the admissions committee