Excel Educational Consulting, LLC.

Is a local educational consulting firm that specializes in private school placement and finding the right school for each child. With nearly 20 years in Houston are private and public school education, I know how difficult it is to find the right educational fit. I know Houston area private schools well and I am here to help!

At Excel Educational Consulting, we have a range of plans to help meet your needs.

Hourly Consultation: $300

Data collection: student report cards, testing, teacher comments
Initial analysis of the above
Research into family school history, school characteristics that are important to student and family
Initial recommendations made for further consulting
Further consulting offered at an hourly rate or consultation fee can be applied toward the full-service plan outlined below

Full-Service Plan: $2500

Further analysis of testing, report cards, and teacher comments
Recommendation for further testing or tutoring if necessary
Meetings with current teachers when needed
Observation of child in school setting where appropriate
Development of a solid list of schools that would be an appropriate match for student and family, along with pertinent due dates and tour/open house dates and admission contact information
Follow up meeting(s) with family to discuss list of schools and guidance in narrowing down above list of school recommendations to no more than 3-5 schools
Guidance in filling out applications, specifically suggestions made after parent and student essays are attempted
Preparation for middle or high school student interview or primary/lower school student visit
Preparation for parent interview
Follow-up with admission offices to make sure applicant file is complete
Advocacy on behalf of the student and family at schools that would be appropriate placement for student
Troubleshooting if test scores are unexpected, or if child is wait listed or regretted
Help in selecting the best school out of the acceptances offered by schools
Further advocacy with admission offices after wait list
10% discount offered to siblings who sign on with full service plan

Preschool Plan:
$1000-$1900 (depending on the age of child, length of consultation time, and needs of family)

Analysis of family’s and child’s needs with respect to preschools
Recommendation of a solid list of right-fit preschools that meets the needs of the family/child
Assistance with applications to preschools
Guidance in preparing for preschool child interview
Guidance in preparing for parent interview
Recommendation for testing and analysis of results
Observation of child in classroom where appropriate
Advocacy on behalf of family and child at right fit schools
Troubleshooting in case of low test score, poor student visit, wait list letter, regret letter, etc.