Visit to St. Francis South Campus

I recently visited the new “South Campus” of St. Francis Episcopal Day School. As the security gate opened for me, I was in awe at the acres of land that appeared before my eyes. I have driven on South Piney Point for years, and I never knew this acreage existed! I parked my car and took my three year old daughter with me to sign in for a tour. As I approached the building that housed the Primary School office, I took note of the beautiful surroundings: I felt like I was on a ranch way out in the country…beautiful. Lots of open space and areas to play. Athletic fields at the front of campus…The Primary School cottages mimic the style of the existing buildings on campus, which have historic significance. As we walked through the buildings, we took note of the perfectly designed furniture and decor, suiting┬áthe Primary School-aged child to the “T”. The tour began with a walk through the library, which was neat, tidy, and colorful. A central focus was the large FAO Schwarz clock, which St. Francis purchased years ago when the store closed in Houston. We walked through the spacious motor and drama rooms- I loved the stage and lighting available for these budding actors and actresses! Spanish and religion classes also have their own rooms, so the kids are sure to be on the move between specials. Each grade level is in its own building, with a central pod for “centers” play. My daughter had a ball in this area, playing in the brand new kitchen and climbing the fort in the center of the pod. The classrooms enclose the pod, and each classroom was neatly and beautifully designed with age appropriate furniture and decor. There is a kitchen in each building, and the catering service brings a hot, healthy lunch everyday for the kids to enjoy. Outside, in the back of the buildings, there are several areas for the children to run and play. My daughter enjoyed her tour thoroughly and did not want to leave! St. Francis Primary School has always ranked the best in the city…If you haven’t seen South Campus, you must put it on your to-do list for sure!