Great Alternative Education Choice- Alexander Smith Academy

Alexander Smith Academy has always been in my backyard but I had never taken the time to check it out until a couple of weeks ago. The school is located on the bottom floor of an office building. Once I opened the door to the school, however, I felt immediately like I was in a small school setting. There is a beautiful entry with the name of the school displayed. Historically, the school has catered mostly to budding pro athletes, artists, musicians, and actors. There are countless articles and posters on the walls honoring former students who “made it big” and received a solid education from ASA while juggling their demanding extracurricular load. Now, the school has broadened to include students who need flexibility of curriculum for many reasons, including anxiety, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, social pressure issues, etc. There are also quite a few international students who are looking for a slower school pace so that they can learn English more thoroughly. Every classroom has no more than 7 student desks. There is a student lounge in the back of the school that reminds me of a student lounge in college or a large office break room. Students have the opportunity to participate in clubs like NHS and student council. There are only 70 students in grades 9-12 attending the school. On Fridays, there are no classes, but students can attend club meetings and workshops like PSAT boot camp. ASA offers distinguished and honors programs including AP classes as well as regular classes for on-level students. Teachers are available to help students before and after school and on Fridays. What a great school option for families who need a more flexible curriculum for their children—whatever the reason! I was extremely impressed with what I saw and look forward to recommending ASA to my clients.