A Hidden Gem in the Heights- Our Savior Lutheran School

Our Savior Lutheran School…all I can say is WOW. If you live in or near the Heights and want your child to attend a school that is BEAUTIFUL inside and out, take a look at OSL. As you enter the gates, you feel like you are outside of Houston. Acres and acres of land, rolling hills, and a gorgeous, uniquely shaped chapel that is the central focal point of campus. The Head of School is present to students every day as he opens car doors. He led me on a tour adorned in a patriotic Texans jersey. Students and faculty were invited to dress up to show their spirit of the game. I saw warm, welcoming faces everywhere I looked. I saw diversity in the faculty- Lots of male teachers- which is a plus point and hard to find in this day and age. The school has many unique features- It offers a classical education to its students. Students take Latin starting in 3rd grade, and they tend to do well on the annual Latin National Exam. There is an in-house speech competition called Oratio Eloquentium (Eloquent Speaking) where every OSL student in grade 6 through 8 participates. The entire school comes to watch the finals and the performance is part of the student’s English grade. Listen to a student reciting the court speech in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Although there are ipad carts readily available, the curriculum is classical and traditional and technology is not the main focus at OSL. Students take history, not social studies…and they study BC to modern times. I saw a timeline in all of the history classes around the perimeter of the room, so that students would be constantly reminded of the time period they were studying. OSL has a very active House system where each student belongs to one of four houses, which are named after parts of an eagle (the school mascot). There are friendly competitions throughout the year between houses, and students from the same family belong to the same house. OSL has a great after school program with a plethora of offerings. I saw the beautiful pavilion in the back of campus for PE and athletics. The Head of School drove me to the new softball/baseball fields which were amazing.

What a great option for children age PK3-8th grade! Go check it out!