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Episcopal High School

I had the privilege of walking the halls of one of the brand new buildings at Episcopal High School the other day. Many people know EHS to be an athletic powerhouse and the hub for the performing and visual arts. Growing up in Houston, I remember EHS’ dance team was incredible. As I visited the school recently, I learned a great deal about the school’s academic program. I was impressed by the facilities- The state of the art science labs and technology in every classroom. EHS offers 175 classes to their students- giving students the opportunity to take a class at the AP level or on level. EHS offers courses in marine biology, computer science, etc. etc. The school has a one to one laptop program.

At Episcopal High School, students can play a sport every season- they do not have to select one or two per year. That is something to consider if your child plays more than one sport and wants to continue to play those sports for the school.

I saw happy, comfortable kids walking the halls. It was picture day, and students would calmly and responsibly make their way into the gym to get their picture taken before they headed to their next class. There are plans to build a new student life center, which will give the school an even more collegiate atmosphere. The school offers supportive pastoral care and students are kind. generous, and take care of their school.

Episcopal High School is located close to the Galleria, Bellaire, and West University. It is a central location and would be a good choice for many students!

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