The Westview School

Children come in all varieties. Many will soar through preschool and elementary school without a hitch academically, but more often than not, children are identified with social delays that impede their progress in the classroom.

The Westview School is a great place to look if your child is experiencing social delays or frustrations consistently in school and or in play groups. Social skills are the backbone of the educational programs at Westview. Young children are taught basic classroom skills because many of them may still be learning the “how”- How to sit in a chair and not be a distraction to your neighbor, how to share a toy, how to get along on the playground, etc. At Westview in the early childhood program, the exceptionally small class size of 4 students with a teacher and an assistant allows for each child to benefit from closer attention and TLC as these students develop socially. Students transition into the main building as they are ready socially to handle the added behavioral expectations and responsibilities. Middle School students experience an academic curriculum with the added bonus of special classes in social skills, study skills organization, and real world issues called “Westview World.” The Middle School is traditional in the sense that there are student lockers, clubs, and changing of classes throughout the day.

At Westview, the administration and faculty are highly qualified to serve students with social delays ranging from ADHD to high functioning autism. Westview has partnered with The Stewart Center, which is a full service psychology clinic located on the campus. What a convenient perk for families! In addition to this service, there is an occupational therapist and a speech therapist on the faculty.

It may be very difficult to stomach the idea that your child may be needing a different educational path than what the traditional mainstream school offers; however, the earlier teachers and therapists can work with him or her on those highly important and formative social skills, the more likely your child will be able to be successful at a mainstream school and in life in general.

Do not delay in checking out the Westview School if your child is experiencing social delays. It is a great option for families!