Discovering the Joy in Learning…The Joy School

I visit schools regularly as a consultant, and every so often, I come across a school who’s name speaks volumes about it’s mission. The Joy School is that kind of school. The school was started by a team of educators who recognized that not all students were being served in the mainstream school sector. Those with learning differences could not be accommodated in the classroom and were hence being left behind. As a result, those students would feel frustration and disenchantment with their learning environment, and would essentially give up hope. We have all been around students who have given up- their self confidence takes a nose dive because no one is able to help them be successful in the classroom…The teacher and the class take off full speed through the curriculum without them. As I entered The Joy School, the first thing I noticed was bright, colorful walls and accents in a beautifully constructed new building. I saw kids in brightly colored uniforms- much like the colors of the rainbow. Kids were engaged with their teachers and smiling. This school serves students in grades K through 8 who have been “underprivileged” in traditional learning environments. They are typically average to above average in learning potential, but they may have  learning differences that are preventing them from being successful in the mainstream school. The goal of The Joy School is to help students overcome and or manage their learning difference so that they can mainstream. Each group of students and teachers are carefully put together based on what type of instruction the group benefits from. This is a very unique perspective and it is completely child focused. I saw the usual middle school signature traits: lockers, science labs, technology, middle school dance advertisements and other campus events. The Joy School may very well be the most academic school for children with learning differences. These students leave the school at various grade levels ready to mainstream into good schools all around Houston. What did I see at The Joy School? Pure Joy: Bright Colors…Happy, Motivated Kids…Caring Teachers…Active Learning…Success. What a great experience! Please do check it out!Joy School


  1. Thank you for coming to visit! I enjoyed showing you around and appreciate you spreading the news about our amazing school.