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Emery Weiner School Visit


Hallway (1 of 1)

On October 14, I visited Emery Weiner School. Gracious host and Director of Admissions Caroline Sarnoff took me on a tour of the beautiful, well-laid out campus. The new facilities and abundance of space make for a very nice school experience for kids in grades 6 through 12. Emery is a community school with a college prep curriculum. Student life was evident as I passed uniformed students in the hallway wearing everything from tennis shoes to western boots. Students casually enjoyed a game of ping-pong in the senior lounge. There was an overall sense of comfort and joy among everyone I passed. Emery is not to be thought of as just the Jewish school anymore. It’s approach to Judaism is historical and inclusive of students of different faiths. The school is fully staffed with college placement counselors, guidance counselors, and credentialed faculty of various faiths.If you haven’t seen this school, I highly encourage you to take a walk around campus with Ms. Sarnoff!

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